In a thirty year career, Mike Wistow has covered a range of roles. He has been a Board Member for a College and for an Arts organisation. He has run a national research organisation which helped shape national policy and practice in dealing with offenders. He has worked with ‘Top Teams’ in the NHS, Local Government and Probation.

As a Consultant in performance improvement he has embedded continuous improvement in a Team which won the Civil Service Innovation Award.

Since forming Aegir Consulting Limited he now works with a number of organisations where the common thread is a desire to implement improved performance, whether at Board level or day-to-day operations.

Should you need a wider Team with a broader skill set, Aegir Consulting will work with chosen Associates who have both high expectations of what can be achieved professionally and an element of humility in their style.

Mike Wistow founded Aegir Consulting Limited in 2011 after a wide-ranging career in:

  • Consulting
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Health
  • Local Government

He has a gently challenging style which aims to focus people –

Your questions enable us to get to key issues quickly
Mike Wistow
Mike has a style that engages people so that you can guide them through complex processes in a way that makes them feel able and included.