Creating a World Class Team in the Face of Deprivation and Disaster – and Being Shot At

I still like this article with itsĀ general themes about creating a team with a shared ethic, about dealing with adversity, and about welcoming the maverick. It is full of insight into how to move to a position of sustainable world class performance over a thirty year period. Oh yes, and there are elements of politics, cricket and history as well:

Why Aegir?
I keep getting asked: "Why Aegir? What is it?"

The Aegir is the tidal wave that sweeps down the River Trent. It is reputed to be the wave that Canute used to demonstrate the limits of even a King's power against the might of God and nature.

There is much symbolism in this story, in the power of water, in the dichotomy between water looking the same while constantly flowing and changing.

I'd like to encourage more of this creative thinking.